Spinning Workshops

Spinning has been around almost as long as people have worn clothes; this very old skill is a simple concept but can produce yarn in a myriad of different forms. We offer several workshops:

  • Beginners spinning. For those who have never tried spinning before, or who have the vaguest memories of being taught as a child, this class is for you. We start at the very beginning with the basics of treadling and the principles of how yarn is produced from fibre.
  • Intermediate spinning. If you are comfortable with a spinning wheel and have a little experience using one, this workshop will help you to improve your control, master plying and explore the differences between worsted, semi-worsted and woollen techniques.
  • Advanced spinning. Learn more about working with different fibres such as alpaca, cotton, and silk to produce fine yarns and show how subtle changes in twist, drafting and plying can produce very different results from the same fibre.
  • Beginners drop spindle. The original spinning machine, the drop spindle can be found throughout history in countries all over the world. Learn to spin yarn using this simple but very effective tool.

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