Servicing and Repair

Make it Run as Sweet as a Nut

A spinning wheel is just like any other machine; it needs to be maintained to function at its best. Regular maintenance will keep your wheel in excellent trim for all your spinning work, but sometimes you need a little bit more. We offer:


Got a squeak or a wobble? Get your wheel back into tip-top spinning condition with a full service. Wheels are cleaned, oiled or polished, frames are tightened, all friction points are greased, waxed or oiled and any consumables such as the drive band are replaced.


If its rusty, dusty and broken we can help; includes a full service but also repairs and/or replaces any broken, missing or rusted parts to bring your wheel back to its former glory.

Wheels Keep Turning

Make It Yours

Our customising service, transforming old spinning wheels from functional to fabulous! We can repaint your wheel in any Resene colour and add painted detailing to make it stand out in the crowd! Includes servicing and repair and/or replacement of any broken/missing parts.