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Handspun right here in the Wairarapa, New Zealand

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Naturally black fleece is somewhat of a rarity, but this Gotland yarn is a rich, deep black that will make something beautiful; photo doesn’t really do it justice, trust us, its black! The fleece is processed to remove all the coarse guard hair leaving just the soft under fibre, spun with a medium twist and ply. Skeins.

  • Fibre: Gotland
  • Weight: Sport
  • Colour: Black
  • Year spun: 2020
  • Batch: 10
  • Washing: Hand wash using a gentle wool wash, lie flat to dry naturally

Total weight available: 870g (9 skeins) Price is per skein.

A NOTE ON OUR HANDSPUN YARN: Handspun is, by its very nature, not as consistent in dimension as commercially spun products and that is part of its beauty. Each batch of yarn is spun from a single fleece; this means it is a one-off, unique to that sheep and that year; please make sure you order all you need for your project as we cannot replicate a batch. Each skein will be approximately 85g, the exact weight will vary slightly per skein due to the handspinning process. Although the yarn weight given is as close as we can make it, we recommend you start with a tension square to assess the weight and needle size you need for your chosen project.