Beginners Spinning Workshop 20 February 2022


Turn wool into yarn you can use to make all your knitting and crochet dreams come true!

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Sunday 20 February 2022 at the Traditional Skills Workshops studio in Carterton, Wairarapa

Are you a knitter who loves fabulous yarn? Or someone who keeps sheep? For those who have never spun before; learn the basics of creating yarn from locally sourced sheep’s wool using a spinning wheel; take the first steps to unique custom yarn self-sufficiency! This four hour class covers:

    • Overview of the spinning wheel and how it creates yarn
    • Treadling for consistent yarn
    • Drafting fibre for size
    • Twist for strength and softness
    • Spinning wool into yarn
    • Single plying

Learn this timeless skill alongside a small group of other beginners in a relaxed, easy paced workshop designed to get you started with spinning. All materials and equipment provided.