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Traditional Skills Workshops

Here at Traditional Skills Workshops, we believe the best way to learn a skill is directly from the hands of someone who has mastered it through years of practice and experience; an artist who can share the intricacies of their craft and the tips and tricks learnt over a lifetime to simplify learning into a clear, easy, manageable process.

We set out to make a place where these experienced artists could teach these old skills to new generations, to help others improve their own crafting skills, and to introduce new crafts to other members of the crafting community. Why, in this modern age, did we feel the need to do that? So many reasons – to preserve our crafting and skills heritage, to keep alive those skills that form an intricate part of our collective culture, to pass on to others the joy of making with your own hands.

Those who choose to learn a traditional skill join a worldwide community of craftspeople, practicing and developing their art to keep it fresh and updating old ideas to create new objects of fine colour and design.

But mostly, it’s for the satisfaction and delight of creating beautiful, useful things for yourself and those you love.

Workshops, Servicing & More

Workshops & Events
Workshops & Events
Find out more about the classes and workshops we offer with a range of dates and locations, book yourself a place.
Wheel Servicing & Repair
Ensure spinning is a charm, not a chore; a serviced wheel works more effectively. Service, repair or make it yours.
Tools & Treats
Tools & Treats
We offer a range of new, pre-loved and refurbished tools and accessories to help you in your knitting, spinning and other crafts.
Wheels Keep Turning
Wheels Keep Turning
Help us bring wheels with history out of sheds, spare rooms and attics into the hands of spinners.